Best Gold Rain Jacket In 2022!

The global scenario of rapid climate change has made the weather more unpredictable than even gambling. Think of a situation when you came to your golf club with great enthusiasm to have a game. But on reaching there, you find it raining incessantly, the radar indicating no end to it. As an avid golfer, you would never like to go back home provided you have with you, the right kind of golf rain jacket.

Buying the right kind of golf rain jacket is not only about money. It must have been made from the best quality materials. Besides being waterproof, it should be storm-proof with thread-proof seams at the vulnerable areas such as pockets and zippers. As you are fully exposed to the vagaries of Mother Nature, you need to be protected from rainstorms that are often accompanied by cold winds.

Top 5 Best Golf Rain Jacket

How to Choose the Best Golf Rain Jacket for Yourself?

To be an explorer, you don’t need to climb a mountain. You need only to keep in mind certain basic variable factors related to the Best Golf Rain Jacket. We have prepared a comprehensive buying guide for the ease of your picking out the best.

  1. Waterproof: Your golf rain jacket must be rain-resistant; this should be your primary requirement. It must protect you against moisture; however, this isn’t enough. It should also protect you against rainstorms and cold winds.
  2. Jacket compartments: Along with water-proof fabric/material, your golf rain jacket should focus on various vulnerable points such as pockets, seams, and zippers. These factors should be adequately addressed.
  3. Fit: Have a measurement of your chest, height, shoulder, and arm; select the ensemble accordingly that fits your body; it should be neither too long nor too small.
  4. Breathability: The jacket should have a strategically-placed mesh that would allow the heat to release that is created inside it from your increased body temperature. It will keep you fresh throughout.
  5. Comfort: The more the comfort, the better is the performance in your game. Elastic waistband increases comfort; also, in the pants, it eases movement; however, it does not allow water or wind to get in.
  6. Lightweight: The rain gear needs to be lightweight so that you are not weighed down while golfing. At the same time, you need to make all the golfing motions at ease.
  7. Safety & Visibility: Your golf rain jacket must be designed with 3M-Scotchlite material; this material allows clear visibility on the ground and does not obstruct the visibility even in foggy weather.

As an avid golfer, you will never leave your game to the unpredictability of climate. Rain is the greatest constraining factor when you are exposed to an open environment. Yet, you always can overcome the rain if you choose the right rain gear. The seven determining factors give you a comprehensive guideline for selecting the best golf rain jacket, 2019.

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