Best Golf Ball Retriever In 2022!

By a rough estimation, 300 million golf balls go off track in the USA, ending up in streams, ponds, oceans, lakes, shrubs, woods, deserts, and bushes. Golf balls are expensive, and their cumulative loss adds up to a huge amount in the long run. A golf ball retriever is an answer to this problem.

Most of the golfers cannot afford the luxury of hiring a dedicated caddy. Chasing the ball is cutting on playtime. Thus, golf ball retriever solves the situation favorably. The variety of golf ball retriever in the market is in abundance. The quality and artistry and design make all the difference.

Top 5 Best Golf Ball Retriever

How to Choose the Best Golf Ball Retriever for Yourself?

We should look for the following qualities when considering a purchase decision in regards to a perfect golf ball retriever:

  1. Material: The material used in the manufacture of a golf ball retriever is plastic at the lower end and high standard material like stainless steel and powder-coated aluminum at the other end. It is better to choose one that lasts a long time. These retrievers can last up to 35 years.
  2. Ball’s Safeguard: The retriever’s head is available in various shapes, including ring, spring, rake, cupped, hideaway, and teardrop. The grip on the ball should be firm and easy to withdraw. The extendable are rated superior as they can reach far away distance and can be retracted with ease.
  3. Shaft longevity: Size is vital if the shaft is short; it will not reach faraway places for the ball and not suited for the purpose. There are times when ball reaches hazardous locations like soft mud, water bodies, etc. You may not reach the middle of a stream, but some distance should be approachable through retriever.
  4. Handle grip: The handle should give a firm grip without pinches even for a long time. The fingers should not pain or get an impression of the handle. Test the retriever by extending it. It should not dig into the palms. Moreover, the hand should not begin to perspire causing the grip to loosen. Fluorescent head of the handle helps invisibility under different light situations.
  5. Stability: The length should not be deterrent. The extended retriever should not slouch or come apart due to operation or weight. Select one that holds the posture, and has lightweight retriever bows and is lean. These are less durable and do not serve the purpose. On the other side, it should not be so heavy that operating it is a tiring task. The product should be strong when extended.
  6. Storage: The retriever after retracted should fit into the pocket of the golf bag compartment. Most of the golf bags will have a dedicated holder for the retriever.
  7. Cost: Its price should suit my pocket and quality should be good.

Golf with this facility can be a fun past time. A ball retriever is a wise investment for golf players. Weather-resistant makes it durable for life. It is a great value for money. They come with warranty and customer feels confident in purchasing it. A lot of golfers buy the retriever online, and feedback is very encouraging.

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